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About Us

Company Mission

Bringing an atmosphere of celestial coolness and peace to homes
Supplying top-notch express efficient services to people
Providing unmatched servicing expertise

Company Business Description

As a professional company specialising in air-conditioning services, Lemoncool Aircon’s sole focus is on providing excellent services for residential and commercial air-conditioning systems.

We provide Aircon services in Singapore, which include:

* All generic aircon services,
* Chemical washing,
* Topping up chemical gas
* Aircon System Installation and many others

We also offer quotations and contracts regarding air-conditioner service in Singapore for:

* Companies,
* HDBs,
* Landed properties,
* Condominiums,
* Property Agents and Tenants.

Company Experience

Lemoncool Aircon has been a part of aircon yearly servicing and maintenance contracts in Singapore and comes with 20 years of experience.

* Residential properties,
* Commercial companies
* Non-profitable organisations.

We have well trained and helpful technicians who constantly endeavour to provide the best services to our valued customers. Contact the Aircon service experts for unbeatable service today.

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