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Aircon FAQ

1. My aircon is switched on and working but there is no cool air coming out.

This can be caused by a number of reasons: such as a dirty indoor fancoil aircon unit or not enough refrigerant gas in the outdoor condenser unit, faulty components in the aircon or wrong setting on the remote control.

2. Why is my aircon leaking water?

Generally, water leaking is caused by a clogged drainage pipe. A servicing visit will help to clear the pipe to resolve the leaking, and check if any issues are causing the blockage of the pipe.

3. Why is there a foul smell coming out of my aircon?

The foul smell from your aircon is generally caused by the build-up of mould and bacteria from surrounding pollutants. We recommend a chemical wash/overhaul to rid the foul smell.

4. How often should I service my aircon?

Maintenance is crucial in prolonging your machine life and its efficiency. It is advisable to carry out regular servicing for your aircon units, hence we recommend every 3 months to have your aircon units serviced.

We have available servicing contract options to take this matter off your mind while we take charge to notice you for the next servicing visit.

5. Why does the LED lights on my aircon start blinking?

Most manufacturer uses blinking LED lights to indicate a faulty aircon system. Let our team analyse and advise you on the aircon problem.

6. Why is my aircon units making strange noise?

It could be due to faulty/faulty/loosen aircons components/parts or the vibration of aircon parts caused by dirt. Our team can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

7. What causes the icing on my aircon?

Generally, it is the low refrigerant gas level that is causing the icing. Let our team find out the root cause for the icing.

8. What is chemical wash and overhaul?

When your aircon is no longer efficient in cooling and has accumulated tough dirt and grime, and normal servicing cannot improve the condition of your aircon, chemical wash/overhaul is recommended to bring your aircon back to almost brand-new condition.

9. What is chemical flushing?

Chemical flushing targets to remove the tough accumulated dust, dirt and grime that chokes up the drainage piping and cooling coil.

10. What should I consider when wanting to install aircons?

There are a few factors to consider:

  1. Size of the area to cool (Capacity/number of aircons will be affected)
  2. Budget (Brand new/reconditioned aircons, brands and types will be affected)

Chat with us to work out an aircon system configuration for your budget.

11. What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept cash, cheque, bank transfer or paylah/paynow. Chat with us to find out more!

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