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Inverter vs Non-Inverter

01/02/2014 0 comments

Brief description of Non-Inverter Systems
The compressor and its motor are manufactured to operate at constant speed or single speed only. In simple terms, it is either in the on (Full Power) or off (No Power) mode.

As long as it is a Non Inverter, you will get the ‘cut in’ and ‘cut out’ of the compressor. In other words, everytime the room reaches the pre-set temperature, the compressor will stop working. And when it senses an increase in temperature, it will start running again. Thus through out the night, you will experience the ‘start and stop’ of the compressor.

Due to the frequently start-stop of the compressor, more eletricity will be comsumed as more power is needed to start the system all over again whenever it stopped. In addition, the compressor will also have a shorter life span.

Brief description of Inverter Systems
An inverter air conditoner attains the set temperature, instead of ‘switching off’ like a non inverter, it uses the minimum power to ensure your room is maintain at the required temperature and adjust smoothly with response to any changes in the cooling load. Overall, you use less electricity.

Inverter Systems are generally of higher quality especially those using R410A refrigerant.


  • The price difference between both can easily cost up to $600~1000
  • Inverter condenser units are very quieter and has a longer life span
  • Inverter Systems maintenance will cost more than a non-inverter systems
  • Replacement Parts will be more expensive for Inverter Systems


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