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Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

Do you have to grapple with your tasks on a hot day, without the comforts of an aircon? If your aircon is in need of urgent repair work, our talented and experienced technicians are here to help you. We offer the most optimal and affordable aircon services in Singapore. We understand that your aircon needs regular maintenance due to their propensity to malfunction and we offer the best of our services to meet your needs. Our professionals make sure that your airconditioner offers good air circulation, extended lifespan and low energy costs. In addition to installation of aircon, our experts will also advise you on how to prevent breakdowns.

Scope of Aircon Service

  • Vacuum drainage system
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Maintain brush blower wheel
  • Check deodorizing filter
  • Remove and wash aircon filters
  • Clear drain pipes
  • Check the working of refrigerant system
  • Check compressor suction
  • Check for noise problems

Ensure the accuracy of all settings

Singapore Aircon Repair

While we are involved in installation, servicing and repair, we also go the extra mile in recommending areas of improvement in your aircon. We ensure that every part in your aircon is in the best working condition through our quality service and maintenance.

We understand that breakdowns take place in aircon units. With our training and experience, we solve any issues impacting your aircon, with minimum hassles. We will check your aircon in a systematic manner and diagnose any faults. No matter what your aircon problem – whether it is leaking or if it requires a service or a chemical wash, we will take care of your needs.


Chemical Aircon Servicing

affordable aircon services in singapore

If you seek chemical aircon servicing, we recommend that you leave the entire process to our professionals. Chemical cleaning is highly beneficial for aircons, which are not sufficiently cold. With chemical servicing, you will be able to remove dust and debris from existing units. Though the air-conditioning units make us comfortable, they come into contact with chemicals, thus restricting airflow and endangering the health and lives of our loved ones. Therefore, chemical cleaning is not only beneficial for the health of your family, but will also safeguard your investment.

We offer comprehensive aircon repair services in Singapore, which include 1) chemical aircon servicing of indoor fancoils and 2) chemical aircon servicing of outdoor condensers.

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Chemical Wash

aircon services in singapore

Chemical wash involves the thorough overhauling of your aircon unit. This service is required when the general cleaning of your airconditioner does not produce the desired results. With chemical wash, you will be able to solve your water leakage problem. You will also be able to increase cooling, thereby saving on consumption of electricity. Ultimately, with these benefits, you will be able to save on total maintenance costs and thus, prolong the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit.

At Lemoncool Aircon, our chemical cleaning and servicing includes an all-inclusive chemical wash of air conditioning units. This chemical wash service is a must-have for aircons.

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Chemical Overhaul

aircon maintenance in singapore

If your aircon produces noise, brings about a foul smell or does not cool properly, it is time you hire our services for a chemical overhaul. You will also require an overhaul if dust accumulates in the fan blades or vents and hinders the flow of free air. Chemical overhaul is also much needed to eliminate operational noise and replace worn-out or faulty bearings. During the process of chemical overhaul, technicians totally dismantle the aircon and clean fan bearings, air filter and water tray with a chemical solution. In addition to this, the heat exchanging coils, blower wheels and drainage system are also cleaned with the chemical solution.

A chemical overhaul of air conditioning units is an integral part of aircon servicing. These services are necessary when chemical washes of aircon units do not help in getting rid of your aircon problems.

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2nd Hand / Recon

singapore aircon repair

We offer the best recon to suit residential, commercial as well as industrial airconditioning needs. With our highly affordable pricing, innovative solutions and energy-efficient solutions, we will provide you with the most effective recon solutions. Apart from offering recon services, we also assure the installation of second-hand aircons and ensure that they offer you the best value for your money.

Lemoncool Aircon provides renowned brands of Recon/2nd handed Aircon Systems at pocket-friendly prices. All these aircons function properly, without any water leaking and noise.

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aircon services

A good airconditioning unit, if installed poorly, will lead to a considerable wastage of money. Thus, getting professionals to install your aircon system can save you money and effort in the long run. That is why we are here. We, at Lemoncool Aircon, offer you ideal installation services at affordable rates. We will properly plan the installation of your drainage pipes so as to ensure that they do not leak. We understand that a poorly installed air-conditioner will not only accumulate bacteria, but also drive up electricity costs. Therefore, we ensure appropriate installation to cool your room effectively and prolong the lifespan of your investment.

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