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Aircon Servicing

There is a growing demand for aircon service, as customers understand that cleaning and maintaining their airconditioners will help them in the long run. At Lemon Cool, we provide you with the most dependable and credible aircon servicing. Our expert technicians offer you a wide range of services that can be customised in accordance with your needs. We offer aircon service promotions and airconditioner service contracts, which are completely tailored to meet your requirements. With us, you can remain assured that you will get the best service options and knowledge to maintain your aircon systems.

We offer breathable air to our clients. We understand the significance of offering an excellent after-sales service. With affordable repair services and competitive pricing, we offer servicing, cleaning, contract maintenance and also troubleshooting various mechanical faults. Our services include:

  • Diagnosis of airconditioning issues
  • Installation and repair of aircon services
  • Second-hand aircon purchase and installation
  • Yearly maintenance contract

Aircon Gas Top Up

Your aircon unit requires aircon gas to function in an appropriate manner. You may especially need to top-up aircon gas if your tubing system is damaged and causes the leaking of refrigerant. When should you contact our experts to top up aircon gas?

Your Aircon Runs on a Continuous Basis

Your aircon is required to run for a short period of time and stop after your room has cooled to the required temperature. However, if the aircon runs on a continuous basis, it needs servicing. This problem can be caused by temperature malfunctioning and needs immediate servicing and replacement.

Noisy Aircon

As you use an aircon, you will find that its parts are worn out, which causes a lot of noise. With high quality aircon gas replenishment and servicing, you will get the best results.

Drop in Cooling Performance

If you find that your aircon takes a long time to cool the room, contact us. With an aircon gas top up, your system will regain its cooling capacity.

Frequently Turns On and Off

A newly installed aircon turns on and off after some time. However, if your aircon turns on and off on a frequent basis, you need aircon gas filling to restore the system to its normal condition.

Scope of Work:

Cleaning & checking air filter, front panel & cover
Checking,deodorising and purifying filter
Applying Antibacterial Spray
Cleaning & checking indoor evaporator coil
Cleaning & checking indoor drainage tray
Vacuuming of drainage system
Checking fan bearing and lubrication (if necessary)
Checking compressor suction and discharge pressure
Aircon gas top up(chargeable, if necessary)
Tightening electrical contacts


Clears water leak problem
Averts system breakdown
Promotes purer & healthier air
Improves efficiency

Aircon service Warranty in Singapore:

The Warranty provided includes just Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul

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