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Aircon Chemical Cleaning

If your airconditioner is not cooling your rooms the way it used to a few years ago, it can be due to the dirt that has accumulated over a period of time. The dirt permeates into the aircon and leads to malfunctioning. Chemical cleaning is one of the most effective methods to solve your aircon problems. Our chemical cleaning includes:

  • A thorough cleaning of the indoor units and its parts
  • Reinstallation of the units
  • Further aircon health checkup

During the chemical cleaning process, our technicians will dismantle the unit and clean each part with a chemical reagent. This includes cleaning of the evaporator coils, condenser and the cleaner. These parts are then immersed in a chemical solution to dissolve all forms of dirt that have accumulated. In addition to this, the pipes and drainages are also flushed with a chemical solution. We recommend aircon chemical wash to improve the condition of your old units.

Aircon Chemical Wash

An effective chemical wash of your airconditioner removes debris, dust and dirt from your units. Thus, your home or commercial establishment will benefit from a cleaner system. A fully functional unit will also ensure that you secure the best performance, with few maintenance calls while ensuring a cool temperature. A poorly maintained airconditioner can circulate harmful airborne agents, thus leading to respiratory problems. Aircon chemical cleaning will safeguard your health and that of your family and co-workers. You will also be able to free up the system passages, vents and ducts, thus resulting in clean air. In addition to ensuring optimal functionality to your system, our professionals will also clean your indoor units with precision.


The advantages of chemical washes of aircons are:

  • Clear water leak problem
  • Increased cooling with savings on electricity
  • Savings on total maintenance cost
  • Prolonged life span of equipment


Up to 180 days for workmanship

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