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Drainage pipes that are not installed in an appropriate manner can lead to leaking aircon units. With professional airconditioning companies taking up your aircon installation, you can avoid a lot of problems. We plan out your drainage pipes in detail while ensuring that your walls are not hacked. We understand that an appropriate insulation is also necessary. An improperly placed aircon not only drives up your energy costs, but also leads to bacteria accumulation. Well-installed aircon systems will cool your rooms faster, with reduced stress to your unit, thus preserving the lifespan of your investment.

With our technicians installing your aircon appropriately, there will be a decline in the loss of cool air and your cooling will be more cost-efficient. Besides installation, we also offer you an effective after-sales service, thereby helping you to avoid any future problems. Our highly capable and committed workforce will ensure that we provide only the most competent and dependable services to you.


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