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Aircon Maintenance Contract

An effective aircon may provide uninterrupted service without disruptions. In order to ensure that your aircon functions efficiently, it requires routine servicing and upgradation. If you do not expend effort in a maintenance contract today, you may face a potential loss of money and even a complete breakdown of your airconditioner. With constant tuning up and servicing, your aircon will gain in terms of efficiency and an increased lifespan. With a properly maintained airconditioner, your house will sustain an appropriate amount of temperature.

Our professionals will make sure that you obtain the required assistance to take care of your aircon. By taking care of minute problems, we will help you avoid major repairs and new installation. Thus, we save both your time and money, thus reducing your energy bill.


Aircon Yearly Servicing Contract

Your aircon may have a number of issues:

  • Does not cool as well as it could
  • Has a low coolant level
  • Debris and dirt clogs the cooling fins
  • Dirty blower fan filter

All these problems, over the course of time, can reduce the efficiency of your airconditioner, thus wearing it out faster. Therefore, you need a regular aircon maintenance contract to assure higher performance and a longer lifespan of your airconditioner. During the cleaning and servicing of your aircon, our experts may also detect potential problems. We will advise you on what is required to be done before they escalate into major issues.

A yearly service contract with us is the best way to ensure that your aircon is working and is in top condition. With our maintenance contract, you will be able to enhance your aircon cooling performance, increase the lifespan of your equipment and reduce the operating costs. With us completing work within an agreed period of time and our affordable services, we will assure you the best value for your money

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